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Vice President

Mats Nordström Vice President 08-510 621 41 0735-153676


Jesper Andersen Domestic 031-301 21 46 0701-8962 70
Andreas Björndal Domestic 031-301 17 43 0735-153674
Roger Eliasson Site Manager/sales 031-301 17 41 0735-153675
Lillemor Friberg Administration 031-301 17 45 0735-153684
Petra Hjelm International 031-301 21 44 0701-8962 67
Kristine Höglund Financial Manager 031-301 17 45 0735-153683
Ann-Christin Jaeger Finalcial Officer 031-301 21 45 0701-8962 68
Jonas Karlsson International 031-301 17 42 0735-153673
Ulf Mattsson International 031-301 21 43 0701-8962 66
Sverker Olsson Domestic 031-301 17 46 0735-153680
Johan Smith Sales 031-301 21 47 0708-5908 01
Johan Svensson International 031-301 21 42 0701-8962 64



Anette Andersson International/administration 040-606 03 43 0735-153685
Håkan Fransson Domestic 040-606 03 42 0735-153672
Peter Källström International/domestic/warehouse 040-606 03 45 0735-153678
Thomas Nordahl Warehouse/Domestic 040-606 03 46 0735-153688
Mats Nordström Site Manager/sales 08-510 621 41 0735-153686



Louise Hellqvist Domestic/administration 08-510 621 43 0735-153677
Robert Hoogeveen Domestic/Special 08-510 621 47 0708-841006
Nina Sunesson International/domestic 08-510 621 44 0735-153682
Magnus Lindblom Domestic/administration 08-510 621 42 0735-153681
Mats Nordström Vice President/Site manager 08-510 621 41 0735-153676
Michael Nyström Sales 08-510 621 46 0735-153686
Martin Thimgren Domestic transport Man. 08-510 621 45 0735-153679



Fo us at TK Logistik, quality work is a given, and not something that we skimp on.

We dedicate ourselves to continuously meet the high standards that we have set for ourselves and we aim to further improve our operations – both in the long term and in our daily work.

Should something unforeseeable incur we will immediately be in contact, which creates an atmosphere of safety and ensures that our clients are “one step ahead” in their own operations.


Currently, transports are responsible for 25% of the global carbon dioxide emissions. Other key areas in which the transportation industry impacts its surroundings are in terms of noise pollution, local emissions of waste products and, similar to all other industries, in terms of recycling and decreased energy use.

Transports negatively effects the environment.

By organizing transports and delivering our client’s goods and merchandise with as few re-loads as possible TK Logistik decreases its environmental impact. Therefore, TK Logistik chooses its delivery partners with great care, and the majority of those already have an environment certificate. In addition, we continuously conduct internal improvements in order to decrease the impact on our environment:

  • vehicles are only driven using diesel of environmental class Mk 1
  • We conduct regular rewiews of our delivery partners in order to ensure that they meet our standards with regard to both the quality of work and its environmental impact.
  • retreaded tires on the carriers may not contain HA-oils
  • through co-operation with a multitude of partners, we maximize the capacity of each vehicle, which translates into a lowering of total miles driven
  • we are committed to waste sorting of paper, glass, metals, light bulbs, strip light bulbs, plastic, carton and burnable waste
  • we refrain from using plastic utensils, glasses and similar
  • we continuously engage in educational seminars and similar to remain up-to-date on environmentally friendly practices



We work in accordance with NSAB 2000 and the CMR convention.

The meaning of these can be found under “Tools”.

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Download Quality Policy:

Download Environmental Policy:

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In order to download any of these tools, right click at the relevant tool and choose “Save as”..

CMR - Convention on the Contract for International Carriage of Goods.
Combiterms in Swedish
NSAB 2015
Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders General Conditions describe the forwarding agent and the client's rights and obligations, which including the forwarder's obligations according to  logistics treathes, such as the CIM, the CMR, the Hague-Visby regulations and the Warsaw Convention.




In co-operation with our well-known and respected carriers, we offer logistics solutions throughout Sweden. Our goal is to deliver your goods with as few re-loads as possible, which translates into fewer opportunities for damages to occur, shorter transport times and lower environmental impact.

  • transports of groupage as well as partloads
  • direct delivery
  • time guaranteed transport
  • project transportation
  • distribution


We offer daily departures within the Nordic countries. Together with our partners, we ensure that your goods and merchandise arrive at the right place, at the agreed upon time, in excellent condition. In addition, through our extensive network of contacts and partners we are also able to assist you with transports to/from the rest of Europe.

  • International freight forwarding services
  • transports of groupage, partloads, as well as fulloads
  • time-guaranteed transport
  • project transports
  • warehousing available abroad




In Malmo we conduct warehousing in house, while the remaining offices conduct warehousing through co-operation with reliable partners, with personnel that knows that your goods is of utmost importance. All warehouses are easily accessible.



  • warehousing
  • packaging
  • re-loading