Dear Customer,

We are currently living in an unstable situation due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Most of the world is now doing what it can to stop the aggressions being carried out against the Ukrainian people through various sanctions. This invasion is a tragedy and a suffering that must end as soon as possible so that the necessary sanctions are therefore imposed.

Right now, no one can see all the indirect consequences that these acts of war and sanctions create. We have probably not seen all the measures that will be taken in this current world situation and nor the created indirect further consequences. One thing is clear, however, that the entire world economy will be affected, including a large part of the Swedish business community.

We now see that fuel prices are rising sharply and at shorter intervals than our current model for how we apply a fuel surcharge can handle. Since the start of the invasion, diesel prices have increased by SEK 5 / litre. We will therefore from March the 8th introduce adjustment of the fuel surcharge on a weekly basis.

The current fuel surcharge will be adjusted every Monday and is based on changes in fuel prices presented by our fuel supplier.

If you want an automated letter via e-mail every week with the current fuel surcharge then send a notification, containing the e-mail address or addresses that you want to be the recipient, to

I would like to end this letter with hopes of an end to this situation soon and a more stable world for all of us in the future.


Mats Nordström
TK Logistik AB